Truth Teaching on Step 5:

Our trusted servant Chris S., gave a learned and enlightened witness to the power of releasing Christ’s Holy Spirit power to overcome the disease of alcoholism and addiction.  Listen here as he shares about how it works when we:

Admitted to God, ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

Here is the accompanying powerpoint presentation:

Step 5 May 1 2017

Thank you Sir Sullie for speaking to our fellowship and reminding us that nature of reality is this;  The Truth is not the problem…

If you missed our Truth Teaching please add a JOTL calendar event for the 1st Monday of every month.  Next month we’ll here from Chris on Step 6!



  1. p.s., if you aren’t hearing the audio simply fast forward to: 1m:20s. Apologies for not editing out the dead air… maybe you can use that 80s to meditate or pray on how the teaching may open your heart towards reconciliation.

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