THREE DAYS TO A NEW LIFE - Discover the Original ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of our Addiction Recovery

The coronavirus has caused major disruptions in the lives of all of humanity.

JOTL leaders are fully honoring the local, regional, state and federal shelter in place orders. Click for on-line meeting instructions.

Joy of the Lord is a group of born again believers that have been meeting every Monday night since 1991. The main reason we are here is to provide a safe place to carry God’s message of love, hope and fellowship to those suffering alone in their obsessive addictions. We cannot do this alone! We need the life changing power of our risen Savior. We invite you to a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ, and join us in our walk through the 12 steps of recovery. Our goal is to point to the truth in God’s Word, and leave the error and misconceptions behind. God really loves you, and once again welcome!