Who: Joy of the Lord (JOTL)
What: Christ Centered Recovery Meeting
When: Every Monday 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM @
10100 N Stelling Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA (refer to map for cross streets and landmarks)
The coronavirus has caused major disruptions in the lives of all of us, and we are fully honoring the shelter in place orders and recommendations of our governmental entities.  While the physical meeting is closed, that does not mean that JOTL has ceased operations. We are operating in virtual format and continue to accomplish our primary purpose – to carry our message to the Least of These.
Why: The love of Christ, the joy of recovery, and the freedom to worship in the name of our Lord.
Joy of the Lord (JOTL) hosts an “OPEN” recovery meeting where men and women from all types of addictive backgrounds are welcome.  We are all-inclusive and non-exclusive. We believe it is God’s will to have the doors open to any and all.  If you struggle in any area of life in an addictive way, here’s what you can expect to find at a JOTL meeting:
Life Recovery Bible Meetings (the 1st Monday of each month)
The Eternal God used multiple authors to compose the sixty-six books of the Bible. It has been translated into many languages and versions, some even called paraphrases. By the way, this life changing book -God’s love letter to mankind – beat us all to the planet!
The Life Recovery Bible editors used a simple to understand translation, The New Living Translation, and filled it full of recovering principles.  At JOTL we pick a subsection from the 2nd edition of the Life Recovery Bible, and share about how helpful this Bible has been for recovering folks. It is a great tool!
We share about a different principle each month. Our aim is simple – we want to “crucify the confusion”. This is an foundational theme to what we do at Joy of the Lord.  It is what we are all about. If you are brand new to Bible reading or are a Biblical scholar, the principles taught in the Life Recovery Bible will help you to understand that God wants nothing more for His children than to be happy, joyous and free!

Topic Discussion Meetings
The 2nd, 3rd and sometimes 4th Mondays are topic discussion meetings. The format of the topic discussion meeting features a Christian speaker (aka; “Chairperson”) who is a member of a 12 step recovery program. They share about what life used to be like before entering recovery and what its like now.  It is fascinating to hear about the positive life changes as the result of their relationship with the Lord and how that impacts their “12 step program”.  Once the speaker has finished sharing and chosen a  discussion topic we allow time for individual group members to share on the selected topic.

Celebration Mondays (the last Monday of each month) 
A meal, some worship, a birthday celebration and a Truth Teaching is what the last Monday of each month is about at JOTL. The eating starts at 7:00 PM and the music starts at 7:30 PM. We have all been blessed by our meal preparers and of course our worship team. To celebrate annual milestones in recovery we offer Chip Celebrations. Come let us congratulate you while you collect a piece of heavy metal commemorating your sobriety.   Next, a member with long-term, continuous sobriety will lead our “The Step of the Month Truth Teachings”:  January = Step 1; February = Step 2, etc. We have a tab on the home page called Truth Teachings and you can listen to past teachings. The experience, strength and hope of these teachers are sure to enhance your journey through the 12 steps of recovery!